Annotated Burials at Westbury on Severn 1889 - 1903

Most Victorian burial registers make dry and depressing reading, but the register for Westbury on Severn is an exception. Between September 1888 and May 1902 Leonard Wilkinson, vicar of Westbury on Severn, George Linton Thorp his assistant curate and others conducted 481 burials in Westbury churchyard. About a quarter of the entries in the burial register carry Wilkinson's annotations, which highlight the hazards of life in this rural parish in the late 19th century.

n.b. The majority of burials have no marginal annotations and are not included in this document.

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Date Name Age Residence Marginal Notes
5 May 1889 Horace Arthur Howell 8 The King's Head, Westbury This boy was playing on the river bank by his father's house, his body was not found for some days after
29 Nov 1889 Joseph Grindon 71 Westbury For 46 years clerk of this parish
30 Nov 1889Memorandum that on this 30th day of Nov. 1889 was buried one Caroline Little without the Rites of the Ch: by a Schismatic preacher
11 Jan 1890 Sarah Young 97 Westbury (Rodley) The oldest person but one in this parish at present
7 Feb 1890 Sarah Ellen Susannah Hart & Kate Hart 40 & 12 days Westbury (Rodley Court) Which two persons were mother and daughter and were buried in one coffin
9 Feb 1890 Matthew Colwell 68 Westbury Village Who was found dead on the highway near Wintle's Farm
28 May 1890 Arthur Joseph Wyman 16 Rodley (Westbury) Who was accidentally drowned out of a Trow some days before
8 Dec 1890 John Barnett 75 Rodley Who dyed suddenly
18 Dec 1890 Harriett Colwell 78 Westbury Buried without the Rites of the Church, by a Schismatic preacher
18 Dec 1890 Memorandum that there had been 3 other persons buried by Sectaries this year whose names are not entered in this book
11 Feb 1891 This day being Ash Wednesday and so very fit for such a deed - a base child of Hyett's seven months old, but wickedly left unbaptised, was buried by me with a certain form of prayer of mine own invention; but I will never bury another in such sort. Leonard Wilkinson
11 Feb 1891 Ash Wednesday. This day was buried by the Sexton a base child of Jones' which they had not caused to be baptised. Buried (I say) was this poor child, sine ritibus Ecclesiae by the Sexton and no-one present there. L.W.
16 Feb 1891 Thomas Nott 75 Walmore (Chaxhill) Who fell dead while he was hedging at Chaxhill
N.B. That this was a very long and severe Winter whereby the number of deaths in the parish has been much in excess of the average. L.W.
7 Jul 1981 William James Wood 24 Newport Who was killed by a train at Newport
3 Aug 1891 William Josiah White 26 Wintle's Hill Who was killed at Elton July 29th about 3 o'clock by falling underneath a wagon
31 Oct 1891 Joseph Bullock 31 The Strand Who was drowned by Severn Mill late at night October 22nd
Mrs. Elizth. K. Bubb of the Lower Farm, Rodley was found dead in her bed Decr. 18th and was buried at Woollaston
22 Dec 1891 Maria Barnes 52 Rodley near the Heald Who suddenly fell dead on her own hearthstone
26 Dec 1891 Frederick John & Alfred James Reed 17 days Elton These were twins and were buried in one coffin
28 Dec 1891 Ernest Oakey 7 months Cleeve This child was carried by his mother to the Doctor's house and died in her arms on the way back again
20 Jan 1892 A child, 5 days, from the Workhouse that died suddenly unbaptised
21 Jan 1892 Mary Ann Berry 67 Newnham Who died suddenly
11 Apr 1892 Mary Belcher 75 The Workhouse Who died suddenly sitting in her chair
25 Apr 1892 Gertrude Alice Ricketts 1 month Walmore Baptised by a Schismatic preacher
26 Apr 1892 William Hart Stephens 8 months Rodley Illegitimate son of William Hart of Rodley Court. Buried by a Schismatic Preacher of the Wesleyan Sect. Informant John Atkins
6 May 1892 Daniel Harding 89 Chaxhill Buried by a Schismatic Preacher of the Wesleyan Sect. Informant John Atkins
23 May 1892 Mary Harris 63 Rodley Bedridden for a long time
12 Jul 1892 George Crewe About 48 Newly come out of Hereford Jail This man died by the roadside near Broughton's Wood. He used to peddle silver sand
26 Dec 1892 May Lane 4 months The Railway Crossing, Adsett An illegitimate child sent into this parish to nurse
10 Jan 1893 Alice Bente 55 Adsett Who died somewhat suddenly
20 Jan 1893 John Bellamy 85 Formerly of Stanway, died at Cardiff Who for many years has travelled the Country with Architectural models made of cork, and is said to have been the oldest Showman in England
15 May 1893 Maude Lane 8 or 9 months The Crossing, Adsett Twin sister of May Lane (see above)
18 Jun 1893 Ernest Bowrey 16 The Flat Killed by a flash of lightning whilst at his work, June 15th
30 Jun 1893 James Gough 48 Taynton, formerly of the Lower Farm, Rodley Who was drowned whilst bathing in a pond at Taynton, Monday June 26th
27 Jul 1893 Mary Emily Dowding 14 Elton Buried by Schismatics without the service of the Church. Informant, Henry Dowding the father
14 Nov 1893 Patience Clements 69 Rodley Who has lain bed-ridden for many years past
21 Nov 1893 Robert Gwilliam Lewis - Gloucester Buried without the Service of the Church, by a Schismatic Minister of the Independent Sect.
25 Nov 1893 John Clements 74 Rodley Husband of Patience Clements (see above)
6 Dec 1893 Elizabeth Windle, widow 101 years & 4 days Vine Tree Cottage, Rodley This Mrs. Elizabeth Wintle whose maiden name was Eliz. Gough, was born 17th November 1792 and Baptised in Westbury Ch. 1st Jan 1793
10 Dec 1893 Susan Wellington, widow 83 Upper Bilson Mother of Wellington of the ?Roads. She died very suddenly
10 Jan 1894 Arthur Molyneux Wilkinson 28 Hemel Hempstead My dear brother, on whose soul may God have mercy. Third son of the late Revd. James Butler Wilkinson, sometime vicar of Ditton Priors
19 Feb 1894 Mary Anne Harris 89 Gloucester She Formerly Kept A Dame's School in this Parish
21 Mar 1894 Eliza Browning 65 Chaxhill She died suddenly. Her husband rose about 5 am. And she was found dead in bed later on
24 Mar 1894 William James Sharwood 64 Union Workhouse This poor man was knocked down in Elton road, by a gig, and died later of his injuries
14 Aug 1894 Hannah White 65 Northwood Green Buried without the Service of the Church by a Minister of the Independent Sect
15 Nov 1894 Robert Edgar Maddocks 5 months Chaxhill Baptised by dissenters
21 Jan 1895 Joseph Perrott 64 Workhouse He fell from a ladder at farmer Hague's, - the ladder slipping on the frosty ground, and died a few days after
29 Jan 1895 William Bennett 68 Wintle's Hill A great sufferer for years past
9 Feb 1895 Maurice Young 39 Rodley Reputed to be an unbeliever, but God knows
14 Feb 1895 Samuel Colwell 83 The Village Who lived here all his life and never was above 20 miles from this place since he was born
15 Feb 1895 Maria Wood 60 The Village Wife of "Owner" Wood - she had only just received a legacy of several hundreds of pounds
16 Feb 1895 James Henry Davies 3 months Elton Baptised by dissenters at the Broad Oak Meeting House
9 Apr 1895 A child unbaptised - Westbury Village This is a child of Frederick Henry and Matilda Trigg
15 May 1895 John Arnold 2 Stantway (see below)
17 Sep 1895 Jane Lodge 95 Westgate Street, Gloucester Widow of William Lodge who was clerk of this parish and died in 1868. She has a son now living in Gloucester aged 72 years
21 Sep 1895 Emily Arnold 22 months Stantway (see below)
14 Nov 1895 Alice Arnold 18 Stantway This is the third child that Arnold and his wife have buried this year - all within six months
Memorandum that on the 6th January 1896 William Ballinger of Cleeve fell under the wheels of the wagon he was loading at the Weigh bridge. He was taken to the Infirmary at Gloucester and died there on the 21st Jan. Buried at Minsterworth
29 Jan 1896 William John Clements 3 years & 11 months Cripple's Castle, Stanley This child fell into the fire and was burned
13 Feb 1896 Gladys Maude Woodman 20 months Northwood Green This child died of burns received from falling into the fire
14 Feb 1896 William Coopey 74 Parish of Newnham This man committed suicide by hanging himself. The Coroner's Jury returned a verdict of felo de se against him and he was not buried with the Service of the Church. At the graveside I said the 51st Psalm and the Lord's Prayer. Many came to the funeral
13 Mar 1896 Blanche Boseley 69 From the Workhouse The last representative of a family that once occupied a proud position here. Her father rebuilt the Severn Mill, removing it to its present site
26 Mar 1896 Arthur Agland 8 months The Strand Buried without Service of the Church by E C Rattray, Independent Minister
2 Jun 1896 Sidney Bick 29 The Flatt Killed by falling out of a cart, drunk, and breaking his skull
26 Jun 1896 Edwin Packer 30 Elton This man ended a miserable life by hanging himself with a strap from an apple tree. The verdict was temporary insanity. Drink, fits and misery were the cause of it. Not taken into the Church, nor was the Service used, but some psalms and prayers of my choosing
16 Jun 1896 Charles Perks 18 Chaxhill Killed by falling under a horse rake. This happened on the road at Lower Ley
28 Jul 1896 Henry Taylor 73 The Traveller's Rest, Elton Father of William Taylor, who keeps the inn
26 Aug 1896 Thomas Amos 73 The Railway Crossing, Ley A child was born to him only the 14th August
7 Nov 1896 Caroline Baldwin 77 Upper Ley Buried by Edwin C Rattery, an Independent Minister
17 Nov 1896 Caroline Wintle 60 Hill Farm, Rodley Sister of Mr. John Wintle of Yew Tree, Rodley
20 Nov 1896 George Bick 93 Chaxhill The oldest man in the parish
30 Nov 1896 A child unbaptised 7 weeks The Workhouse Buried by the Sexton
5 Dec 1896 Charles Hatfield 83 Northwood Green But lately retired from keeping the Red Hart at Blaisdon
19 Dec 1896 Mary Ann Colwell 66 Adsett Buried by Edwin C Rattery, an Independent Minister
15 Jan 1897 Henry Morgan 49 Westbury Village For the last 43 years a good and faithful servant at the Vicarage
16 Jan 1897 James Arnold 8 Stantway Of their 14 children Arnold and his wife have now buried 9
19 Apr 1897 Percival Harry Long 3 months The Workhouse His parents being 'on the road' brought the child ill into the Workhouse
6 May 1897 James Walker 80 Duce Street, Gloucester Father of Mrs Saul Gleed and grandfather of Walter Gleed the parish clerk
25 May 1897 Daisy Blake 5 Elton Died of diphtheria
3 Jun 1897 Annie Phelpskad 5 Northwood Green Died of diphtheria
15 Jun 1897 Ethel Annie Newman 9 Rodley Died of diphtheria
25 Jun 1897 Percy Workman 4 Cleeve Died of diphtheria, died Jubilee Day
9 Jul 1897 Albert Trigg 7 Westbury Village Died of diphtheria
21 Jul 1897 Edith James 2 The Workhouse Mother a travelling woman
13 Aug 1897 Joseph Belcher 70 Bollow He fell from the top of a load of hay and died in Gloster Infirmary
19 Aug 1897 Jane Morse 72 Westbury Crossing Buried by Edwin C Rattery, an Independent Minister
4 Nov 1897 Jane Jackson 60 The Strand Wife of Thomas Jackson the blind man
5 Nov 1897 Charles Hyett 48 Wintle's Hill Died suddenly of heart disease, he was at work the day before stonebreaking
2 Dec 1897 Anna Rebecca Bailey 47 Boseley Mill She was taken by an apoplectic fit in Robert's shop on Friday 25th Nov and died there the next day. Wife of the Miller (see 27 Mar 1901)
This year (1897) Christmas Day fell on a Saturday
8 Jan 1898 An unknown man found drowned About 35 Unknown He was found drowned in the river on Sunday Jan 2nd at Bollow having apparently been in the water about a month or more. Supposed to be one Malpas of Gloucester
3 Feb 1898 Christopher Jay Jones 68 Hereford R.I.P. Vicar of Westbury 1858-1888. Rector of Staunton 1888-1897. Died at 135 S Owen St, Hereford 31 Jan 1898
3 Feb 1898 Alice Hester Coleman 40 Chaxhill Wife of Mr John Coleman builder. She had been missing from home since 28th Jan and was found drowned in the Severn at Gloster on the 31st. Mrs, Coleman seems to have fallen in the river about 10:30pm on 28th by Westgate Bridge
1 Apr 1898 William James Giddings 55 Broad Oak Signalman who was found dying in his signal box at Newnham Station at about 10:30am on Sunday Mar 27th - apoplexy
5 May 1898 A man unknown found drowned About 40 Unknown Body found in Bollow Pool on 2nd May. Apparently a labourer, perhaps from Ebbw Vale. Height 5 ft 9 in, seems to have been in water about 2 months
7 Jun 1898 Thomas Jennings 63 Bollow He fell dead in his garden, whilst picking peas
13 Sep 1898 Elizabeth Bennett 100 years and 25 days 35 Napier St, Gloucester The daughter of Josiah and Hester Coelman of Longhope. Born at Longhope 15 Aug 1798
20 Oct 1898 Ann Terry 37 Chaxhill Sister of Ingrahm of Denmark Villas. Came here from London to die
21 Dec 1898 A child of Smith's of Lower Ley 1 month Lower Ley Registered as Frederick John. Certain psalms and prayers read
23 Feb 1899 Thomas Clark 84 Elton Frederick Wharrett being the person in charge of the burial
25 Mar 1899 Joseph Long 52 The Workhouse A soldier who has served in India, Egypt, etc
25 Dec 1899 A female child unknown Newly born Found in the river The child had been killed by blows to the head. Coroner's Jury sitting at the Flatt returned verdict of Murder against someone unknown
3 Mar 1900 Joseph Wyman 30 hours Rodley Twins
3 Mar 1900 Daniel Wyman 7 hours Rodley
10 Mar 1900 William Perks 54 Saint Hill, Churcham Formerly of the Pound Farm, Chaxhill
20 Mar 1900 Albert Bick 38 The Flatt Found dead in bed
4 Apr 1900 Deborah Bennett 77 Ley Farm Husband and wife
23 Apr 1900 James Bennett 79 Ley Farm
2 Jul 1900 Ethel Irene Wellavize 10 Broad Oak, Westbury Died of diphtheria
14 Jul 1900 Beatrice Morgan 4 Westbury Died of diphtheria
18 Jul 1900 Hannah Margaret Warren 4 Westbury Died of diphtheria
24 Aug 1900 Joseph Hulls 59 Walmore Hill Had a sunstroke and died at the General Infirmary Gloucester
25 Aug 1900 Leonard John Wyman 6 Rodley Died of diphtheria
20 Sep 1900 Frederick Pittaway 38 Brimstones Pittaway was on a train, unloading 'sleepers' for relaying the permanent way between Chepstow and Portskewett on Sunday Sept. 16th about 6:00pm. Falling from one of the trucks when the train started, several wheels passed over him and his leg was almost severed below the knee. He died in Gloucester Infirmary after amputation of the limb the same evening
20 Oct 1900 Ernest William Wyman 2 The Workhouse Died of being accidentally scalded with hot water
6 Dec 1900 Caroline Stephens - The Workhouse An old barge woman on the canal
16 Mar 1901 Annie Potter 59 Westbury Village Wife of the Revnd. Chas. Potter assistant curate
27 Mar 1901 William Hyett Bailey 59 Boseley Mill He and his father before him had the mill 70 years. Buried by John Bullock, a dissenting Preacher
23 May 1901 Edmund Thomas Roberts 65 Westbury Village Kept the shop in the Village opposite the Millpond
24 May 1901 Emily Helen Mountney 36 36 Stroud Road, Gloucester Daughter of Thomas Hooper, sometime of Severn Mill
18 Nov 1901 Jane Hyett 73 Rodley (see next entry)
19 Nov 1901 John Jones 59 Rodley Lodged in the same house with the above J.H.; died very suddenly
19 Nov 1901 Wintour Trigg 41 The Flatt Died suddenly in bed. His father died suddenly
19 Dec 1901 Herbert John Grindon 20 Westbury Village Son of Mr. John Grindon, our organist
22 Jan 1902 George Bick 74 The Flatt Lived alone. Died probably 17th January. Was found dead in bed 19th January
7 Mar 1902 John Hart 78 8 Haverstock Rd, Knowle, Bristol A former resident of Westbury until of late years
21 Apr 1902 Unknown About 65 Unknown Found dead in a pond. Chaxhill
24 Jun 1903 A man, name unknown About 25 - Found drowned in the river and past possibility of recognition
On 16th May 1902 Leonard Wilkinson signed an entry in the register in his new capacity as the Rector of Micheldean. After that a new incumbent took office and the frequent marginal notes in the Westbury on Severn Burial Register appear no longer.

The above register entries were transcribed from the Westbury on Severn burial registers 1883-1906 (Gloucester Record Office fiche set P354 IN 1/17).

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