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A Collection of 17th - 20th Century Wills

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Most of the wills summarised below are members of the families I am researching, although many of them refer to members of collateral lines. A proportion of them have yet to be linked to my research interests and some may eventually prove to be completely unrelated. They are grouped by surname and year of death or probate.

William Armiger of Weeting, Husbandman
Probate: Norfolk 1664
Executors: Wife Anna Armiger and son William Armiger
Legatees: To my wife Anna Armiger lands to be enjoyed by her during the time of her naturall life, daughter Mary Armiger £20 and other legacies, son Thomas Armiger woods and land, son John Armiger £20, son Francis Armiger £20, two grandchildren Thomas and William Pooley £5 each for apprenticeships, residue of estate to be divided between wife Anna Armiger and son William Armiger

Thomas Armiger of Weeting, Norfolk
Probate: Norwich 2nd February 1685/86
Will dated 5th January 1685/86 and witnessed by J Cattaway
Executors: Elizabeth Armiger, wife
Legatees: To his wife Elizabeth Armiger his house and grounds at Weeting for the term of her natural life, after her decease to go to son John Armiger. Bequests of five pounds each to daughters Mary Armiger and Susannah Armiger and son Thomas Armiger to be paid respectively within one, two and three years after their mother's death.

Thomas Armiger of Weeting
Probate: Norwich: Administration granted to wife Anna Armiger 1712/13
Anna Armiger is granted administration of the estate of William Armiger of Weeting, deceased and shall make an inventory be exhibited at the registry of the Court kept for the Lord Bishop of Norwich on or before 29th September next ensuing [1713] and shall
Executors: Anna Armiger, John Armiger, Henry Bird make a true account of her administration of the estate by first December 1713.

Joseph Beech of Sandbach
Probate: Chester 18th August 1753
Will dated 25th November 1750, witnessed by Jonathan Wagg, Mary Caulton and Wm. Wilson.
Executors: Elizabeth Beech, wife, and John Beech, brother.
Legatees: Wife Elizabeth Beech; son John Beech; brother John Beech.

Matthew Beech of Betchton, Yeoman
Probate: Chester admon 13th May 1779
Executors: Administration granted to Elizabeth Beech widow of the deceased

John Beech of Sandbach, Yeoman - died on 15 Dec 1812
Probate: Chester 27th June 1813
Will dated 4th October 1811 witnessed by Sarah Cook and Thos. Beech. Personal estate and effects under £1000.
Executors: Samuel Beech and Matthew Beech, brothers and John Barratt, farmer.
Legatees: £200 to wife Hannah , £300 to executors upon trust for children (unnamed) except William Beech, residue of estate to son William Beech.

Thomas Beech of Betchton
Probate: Chester 6th May 1813
Will dated 3rd May 1806, witnessed by William Goodall, the mark (x) of James Bolsen (or Bossen) and Henry Babington.
Executors: John Wallworth, farmer, and James Colclough, victualler.
Legatees: Wife Sarah Beech; unnamed children. Estate valued at under £300

James Beech of Betchton, Yeoman - died on 13 May 1816
Probate: Chester 7th October 1816
Will dated 1st April 1816, witnessed by Jas. Colclough, Chas. Taylor and Elizth. Barratt.
Executors: Richard Jennings, yeoman, and brothers Samuel Beech and William Beech.
Legatees: Brother Matthew Beech; the three younger children of late brother John Beech; children of late sister Ann Bayley; children of late sister Elizabeth Dean; brother Samuel Beech; brother William Beech; sister Charlotte Barratt; brother Thomas Beech; brother George Beech.

William Beech of Haslington, Gentleman - died on 07 Aug 1817
Probate: Chester 8th January 1818
Will dated 5th March 1817 witnessed by Elizabeth Wright, James Skeviatt and Richd. Darlington.
Executors: George Hibbert of Betchton farmer, Charles Walsworth of Hassall farmer and Samuel Skeviatt of Sandbach gentleman.
Legatees: Estate in trust to wife Ann Beech for life during her widowhood, then passing to their children (unnamed) or to Mary Johnson daughter of brother in law John Johnson if children die under age and without lawful issue.

William Beech of Betchton, Farmer - died on 24 Aug 1821
Probate: Chester 20th December 1821
Will dated 23rd August 1821 witnessed by John Twemlow, John Ford and Jos. Minshull. Estate less than £450.
Executors: Ellen Beech (wife), William Pointon, Peter Minshull.
Legatees: Wife Ellen Beech life interest in estate, £200 and various effects; Ann Hall (wife of William Hall) £50; daughter Sarah Hulme (wife of James Hulme) £80; nephew Thomas Beech (son of Thomas Beech) £200; sister Elizabeth Harrison (wife of Thomas Harrison) £5 per year; Elizabeth Hall £50; residue to children of William Johnson of Broken Cross and children of Thomas Harrison of Odd Rode.

John Beech of Alsager, Yeoman - died on 04 Mar 1825
Probate: Chester Admons 10th March 1835, 13 Jan 1852
Bachelor deceased intestate without father, estate under the value of £100. Matthew Beech, farmer of Brereton cum Smethwick, George Beech farmer of Chelford William Baverall farmer of Sandbach bound to administer the estate in 1835. James Beech farmer of
Executors: Administration granted to Matthew Beech and James Beech, farmer of Sproston, both brothers of the deceased. Sproston, James Beech Labourer of Sandbach and William Cooke of Sandbach bound to administer the estate in 1851.

Samuel Beech of Sandbach Heath, Farmer - died on 18 Dec 1828
Probate: Chester 25th May 1829
Will dated 9th November 1827, witnessed by Jno. Williams, Edward Procter and Vernon Bloore.
Executors: Son George Beech, friend John Allcock, gardener.
Legatees: Son Samuel Beech; son George Beech; daughter Betty the wife of Peter Hollinshead; son James Beech; son John Beech; daughter Hannah; daughter Mary; friends John Steele shopkeeper and Peter Rathbone tanner; wife Betty provided she remains a widow.

Matthew Beech the elder of Sandbach, Yeoman - died on 25 May 1835
Probate: Chester admon 1st September 1835
Matthew Beech the elder was a widower.
Executors: Administration granted to son James Beech, retail brewer.

John Beech of Sandbach, Gentleman - died on 10 Feb 1836
Probate: Chester Admon 20th April 1836
Bachelor deceased without father. Betty Beech, widow of Sandbach (X), George Beech, farmer of Sandbach and John Steele, shopkeeper of Sandbach bound to administer estate.
Executors: Administration granted to his mother Betty Beech.

Thomas Beech of Betchton, Farmer - died on 08 May 1847
Probate: Chester admon 7th February 1848
Executors: Administration granted to Mary Beech

William Beech of Betchton, Yeoman - died on 31 May 1849
Probate: Chester 23rd July 1849
Will dated 7th November 1844 witnessed by Joseph Remsh, John Sandbach and Thomas Sparrow. Codicil dated 21 Oct 1846 witnessed by the same.
Executors: Sons George Beech of Warmingham, William Beech and James Beech of Betchton.
Legatees: Wife Catherine Beech household goods and furniture and annuity; son John Beech £100; son George Beech £250; son William Beech £250; son James Beech £250 (in codicil); residue in trust to be shared equally between sons George, William and James.

William Beech of Dunkirk Farm, Brereton - died on 11 May 1925
Probate: London 21st Sepember 1925
Will of William Beech of Dunkirk Farm, Brereton near Holmes Chapel, dated 20th December 1923, witnessed by Leicester Caldecutt and H Caldicutt, solicitors, Knutsford. Effects £1500 7s 7d.
Executors: Herbert Beech farmer, Thomas Beech, Thomas Catley Newall commercial clerk, Harold Leonard Marsh accountant
Legatees: Estate to be divided equally between sons Herbert Beech and Thomas Beech and daughters Annie Newall and Martha Marsh.

Sarah Catley of Weaverham, Widow - died on 07 Dec 1874
Probate: Chester 31st March 1875
Will dated 17th September 1866, witnessed by Daniel Wrench and Mary Elizabeth Bibby. Codicil dated 16 Dec 1869, witnessed by Jane Griffies and Mary Margaret Woodward. Effects under £6,000
Executors: George Griffies, schoolmaster, and Benjamin Burgess, draper, both of Weaverham
Legatees: Freehold land at Belton, Rutlandshire to eldest son William Catley for his life and after his death to second son George Catley and his heirs and assigns. Gold watch to daughter Caroline Newall. £10 to each executor. Executors to sell all stocks, goods and effects and divide the residuary estate equally between her four children William Catley, Mary Bowers, George Catley and Caroline Newall, the shares of William and Mary to be held in trust.

Thomas Dowding of Elmore, Yeoman
Probate: Gloucester 1684
Will dated 20th June 1684, witnessed by Richard Ellis and John Cartwright? [X]
Executors: Mary Dowding, wife
Legatees: To daughter Joan £100 to be paid when she is 21 years old, to son Thomas Dowding £100 to be paid when he is 21 years old, Joan and Thomas to be maintained until they are 21, residue of estate to wife Mary

Thomas Dowding of Westbury on Severn, Yeoman - died on 14 Oct 1784
Probate: Gloucester 21st May 1785
Will dated 14th June 1781, witnessed by James Harris, William Harper and Sarah Harris.
Executors: Son Charles Dowding.
Legatees: Son John Dowding five shillings; son Thomas Dowding land including Badwell and Waterlands; son Charles Dowding various lands; son William Dowding five shillings; granddaughter Elizabeth Dowding daughter of John; grandson John son of John; granddaughter Mary daughter of John; grandson Thomas son of Thomas a Silver watch.

John Dowding of Westbury on Severn, Yeoman - died on 01 Jan 1803
Probate: Gloucester 24th September 1803
Will dated 19th June 1802, witnessed by John Cadle and William Rodway (X).
Executors: Wife Elizabeth Dowding.
Legatees: Wife Elizabeth Dowding life interest in estate; son Thomas Dowding estate after his motherís death: daughter Elizabeth Stock £10; son John Dowding £150 and a bed; daughter Mary Dowding £150 and a bed; daughter Susanna Dowding £150 and a bed.

Thomas Dowding of Westbury on Severn, Yeoman - died on 31 Jan 1835
Probate: Gloucester
Will dated 15th July 1828, witnessed by Jno. James, Jas. Cowmeadow and Willm. Nest.
Executors: Richard Hooks and John Roberts.
Legatees: Son Thomas Dowding lands including Drypiece and Brimstones (formerly Badwell); daughter Sarah Dowding garden at Brimstones plus a bed; daughter Elizabeth Dowding garden at Brimstones plus a bed; James Dowding (natural son of daughter Sarah) £10, cart, gun, pepper mill, etc; daughter Ann Sterry pastureland called Waterlands; grandson Thomas Dowding a Silver watch. The residue between four children Thomas Dowding, Sarah Dowding, Elizabeth Dowding, and Ann Sterry.

John Dowding of Westbury on Severn - died on 28 Jan 1842
Probate: Admon: Gloucester 28th January 1843
Letters of administration granted to Sarah Dowding of Westbury on Severn, widow of John Dowding late of the same place deceased died on the 28th day of January 1842 Intestate leaving goods, chattles and credits wholly within the Diocese of Gloucester and
Executors: Sarah Dowding, widow Bristol under the value of £100. Signed by Sarah Dowding, Anthony Dowding and John Calton.

Thomas Dowding of Longhope, Yeoman - died on 16 Mar 1856
Probate: Gloucester August 1856
Will dated 24th January 1855, witnessed by Solom. Coleman and E.J. Davies.
Executors: John Parry.
Legatees: Son John Dowding lands including Home Orchard, Scrivenís Acre, etc; daughter in law Mary Ann Dowding (widow of late son William Dowding) The Butchers Arms, Lea for life; Sarah Dowding, Patience Dowding, Elizabeth Dowding, William Albert Dowding, Mary Ann Dowding (children of late son William) shares in The Butcher Arms after their mother's death; son Samuel Dowding house at Lea plus other land, clock and case formerly belonging to late son Thomas; son James Dowding land east of Velthouse Lane.

Anthony Dowding of Boseley Farm, Westbury on Severn, Farmer - died on 12 May 1862
Probate: Gloucester 31st July 1862
Will dated 13th October 1858, witnessed by E.K. Smith and Emma Smith. Effects less than £2,000.
Executors: Ann Dowding, wife, & William Bellamy, farmer.
Legatees: Life interest in farm to wife Ann Dowding, the estate to go to son John Dowding after her death. Personal estate to be divided equally between son John Dowding and daughter Ann Dowding.

John Dowding of Longhope, Farmer - died on 15 Feb 1896
Probate: Gloucester 11th March 1896
Will dated 27th December 1894, witnessed by Henry Dowding and William Hyett Bailey.
Executors: John Dowding and William Sims Dowding, sons, farmers.
Legatees: Personal estate to daughters Mary Elizabeth Dowding and Ellen Ann Dowding. Residue in trust to sons John Dowding and William Sims Dowding with bequests of £200 each to Mary Elizabeth Dowding and Ellen Ann Dowding.

Charles Dowding of Upleadon, Farmer - died on 26 Feb 1909
Probate: London 5th May 1909
Will dated 22nd May 1875, witnessed by William Merrett Hawkins and Lucy Dowding. Later farmed at Longcroft Farm, Western on Severn and died in the Gloucester County and City Lunatic Asylum. Effects £1,500 1s 1d.
Executors: William Sims Dowding and Lucy Dowding, widow.
Legatees: Wife Lucy Dowding.

John Dowding of Dean Common, near Mitcheldean - died on 30 Nov 1915
Probate: London 5th January 1916
Will dated 20th June 1913, witnessed by Edwin Yearsley, solicitor, and H.M.S. Thomas, bank cashier. Effects £747-9-11.
Executors: Son Cornelius Dowding, farmer, and daughter Constance Ellen Dowding.
Legatees: Bequests to son Cornelius Dowding and daughters Constance Ellen Dowding and Lydia Dowding. Residue to daughter Lydia Dowding.

Henry Dowding of Knavingcots, Westbury on Severn, Farmer - died on 21 Apr 1917
Probate: London 23rd January 1918
Will dated 18th December 1916, witnessed by A C Dowding and D P Knight. Effects £1,875 5s 7d.
Executors: Henry Gillman Dowding, farmer, Arthur Charles Dowding, solicitor, Robert Norris Dowding, farmer.
Legatees: Wife Emily Anne personal and household effects and £50 plus a life interest in the entire estate and daughter Ethel Evelyn £50. After their mother's death the estate to be divided as follows: son Robert Norris Dowding share in firm of Henry Dowding & Son; daughters Grace Isabel Oliver and Edith Annie Smyth £150 each; daughters Ruth Eliza and Ethel Evelyn £300 each; son Arthur Charles £100. Residue to be divided amongst daughters.

William Sims Dowding of 13 Brunswick Square, Gloucester, Farmer - died on 26 Sep 1918
Probate: London 7th January 1919
Will dated 9th April 1918, witnessed by J E Turner and Geo. H Sims. Effects £2,112 7s 11d.
Executors: Nephews John Oswell Dowding, retired farmer, and Henry Gillman Dowding, farmer
Legatees: Half to wife Emily Dowding, remainder £200 to sister Ellen Ann Dowding; £50 to niece Lydia Dowding; £100 each to the four daughters of late brother Henry Dowding on condition that their brother Robert Norris Dowding has repaid dept of £400; residue to daughters of late brother Charles Dowding.

Emily Anne Dowding of Knavingcots, Westbury on Severn, - - died on 06 Oct 1923
Probate: London 4th Sepember 1926
Will dated 16th January 1919, witnessed by Daniel Percival Knight and Emily Mansell. Effects £286 10s 11d.
Executors: Arthur Charles Dowding, solicitor, and Ruth Eliza Knight (wife of Daniel Percival Knight).
Legatees: Son Henry Dowding desk and bookcase; all other furniture and ornaments to daughters Ruth Eliza Dowding and Ethyl Evelyn Dowding; residue to all daughters in equal shares.

John Oswell Dowding of Nupend Lodge, Longhope, Retired farmer - died on 01 Aug 1934
Probate: London 26th November 1934
Will dated 2nd March 1934, witnessed by Thomas James Parry, farmer, and Minnie Josephine Parry, housewife. Effects £8264-1-10.
Executors: Edward Leslie Dowding, farmer, Arthur Charles Dowding, solicitor, and Frank Arthur Sherred, collector of taxes
Legatees: Bequests to nephew Edward Leslie Dowding, cousin Arthur Charles Dowding and Frank A Sherred. Annuity of £10 per annum to sister Lydia Dowding. Residue in trust to wife Ada Beatrice Dowding after which bequests to nephew Ewart Thomas Dowding, niece Winifred Jessie Truckle, cousin Arthur Charles Dowding, residues of trust to sister Lydia Dowding, brother Cornelius Dowding, nephew Edward Leslie Dowding and niece Florence Dowding, or their children (or in the case of Cornelius his widow Marion Dowding).

Lydia Dowding of Sutridge Lea, near Ross, Spinster - died on 31 Dec 1935
Probate: Gloucester 15th February 1936
Will dated 14th October 1935, witnessed by Dora Mary Smith Montrose and Ada Beatrice Dowding. Effects £995-12-10, Resworn £1773- 8-5.
Executors: Edward Leslie Dowding and Cornelius Dowding, farmers
Legatees: Bequests to nieces Winifred Jessie Truckle and Florence Marion Dowding and nephew Thomas Ewart Dowding. Furniture formerly belonging to sister Constance Ellen Dowding to nephews and nieces in equal shares. House and garden of Sutridge in Lea to brother Cornelius Dowding, passing after his death to his sons John and Llewelyn Dowding. Residue to brother Cornelius Dowding, furniture to be disposed of in consultation with sisters-in-law Ada Beatrice Dowding and Marion Dowding.

Robert Norris Dowding of Twigworth Court, Twigworth, Farmer - died on 07 Jun 1947
Will and codicil both dated 24th September 1927 and witnessed by Gerald H Dowding, Hagloe House Blakeney and Annie E Martin. Effects £256 2s 9d.
Executors: Grace Elizabeth Dowding, wife, and brothers Henry Gillman Dowding and Arthur Charles Dowding.
Legatees: Wife Grace Elizabeth Dowding all personal effects and £100. Residue to be invested in a trust fund with income to Grace Elizabeth Dowding during her lifetime and be divided equally between their children.

Grace Elizabeth Dowding of Newnham, - - died on 05 Mar 1961
Will dated 9th January 1950, witnessed by J.E. Dowding, Hagloe Farm, Blakeney and A.G. Griffiths. Codicils dated 12 Jan 1951 and 19 Sep 1956, witnessed by Frederick A.W. Oliver and Grace I. Oliver. Effects £11,384 14s 6d.
Executors: Hubert Robert Dowding, son, Arthur Charles Dowding, brother in law, and James Austin Dowding, nephew.
Legatees: Specific items of furniture to children Hubert Robert Dowding, Joan Grace Tordoff, Cicely Mary Saunders and George Keith Dowding, remainder of furniture and personal effects equally between them; shares in Alfred Olby Ltd. equally between them; £600 to George Keith Dowding; residue equally between them. 1951 codicil mentions Joan, Cicely and George. 1956 codicil concerns George only.

William Earl of Great Warford, Yeoman - died on 25 Feb 1819
Probate: Chester 16th August 1819
Will dated 13th February 1819 witnessed by William Corbishley, Peter Thinsey and Strettell Higginson.
Executors: Martha Earl wife and sons John Earl and James Earl.
Legatees: Annuity to wife Martha Earl, bequests to sons John Earl, James Earl and William Earl.

William Earl of Marston, Farmer - died on 27 Mar 1834
Probate: Chester 4th March 1835
Will dated 15th January 1834 and witnessed by Thos. Tomlinson and Wm. Leigh.
Executors: John Earl, brother, farmer of Davenham.
Legatees: Wife Martha Earl during her lifetime, then their children (unnamed).

John Earl of Davenham, Farmer - died on 22 Nov 1849
Probate: Chester 16th February 1850
Will dated 5th December 1848 witnessed by Hiddeley Saxon and William Rankin.
Executors: Betty Earl (widow) and Richard Dobell yeoman of Leftwich.
Legatees: Life interest of entire estate to wife Betty Earl reverting to their children if she remarried.

John Earl of Crowley, Farmer - died on 21 Dec 1852
Probate: Chester 18th June 1853
Will dated 18th January 1851 witnessed by Richard Shakeshaft and Mary Hughes.
Executors: Son Thomas Earl, son in law James Robinson and wife Ann Earl.
Legatees: Real estate to son Thomas Earl and son in law James Robinson in trust to be divided between sons William Earl and James Earl and daughters Sophiah wife of James Robinson, Maryann wife of Peter Kinsey, Elizabeth Earl and Eliza Earl. William to live with his mother while she stays on the farm.

John Earl of Nether Tabley, Farmer - died on 20 Feb 1861
Probate: Chester 7th May 1861
Will dated 23rd January 1861 and witnessed by James Mann and William Alderson. Probate Calendar reads: The Will of John Earl late of Nether Tabley in the County of Chester Farmer deceased who died 20th February 1861 at Nether Tabley aforesaid was proved at
Executors: Robert Earl, brother, and James Grange Chester by the oaths of Robert Earl of Marston in the Parish of Great Budworth in the said County Farmer the Brother and James Grange of Whatcroft in the Parish of Davenham in the said County Farmer the Executors. Effects under £600
Legatees: Wife Ann Earl £100, son William Earl £50, daughters Martha and Sarah Earl £50 each from insurance policy. Residue to wife Ann Earl for life, reverting to four children William, Elizabeth, Martha and Sarah after her death. If wife desires to give up the farm the proceeds to be divided equally between the four children, although William is to be given the first chance of taking the stock and effects at full valuation subject to Lord De Tableys approval of him as a tenant.

Betty Earle of Marston, Widow - died on 11 Nov 1861
Probate: Chester 22nd January 1862
Will dated 22nd August 1857 and witnessed by Wm. R. Dunstan and Thomas Dobell. Probate Calendar reads: The Will of Betty Earle late of Marston in the Parish of Great Budworth in the County of Chester widow deceased who died 11th November 1861 at Marston
Executors: Richard Dobell, gentleman, and Joseph Dobell, farmer aforesaid was proved at Chester by the oaths of Richard Dobell of Leftwich in the same County Gentleman and Joseph Dobell of the same place Farmer the Executors. Effects under £600
Legatees: Household goods and effects to daughter Elizabeth the wife of Robert Earle of Marston; £15 each to sons Joseph and William; sons John, Henry (now deceased), daughter Elizabeth, son Charles, son Samuel, son Thomas, son Richard have already received monies so residue to be divided between them and the issue of deceased son Henry to take a ninth share.

Thomas Farrington of Betchton, Yeoman - died on 04 Dec 1813
Probate: Chester: 1st April 1814
Will dated 8th November 1802, witnessed by George Steely and William Ellison, the testator made his mark [X]. Estate and effects valued at under £1000
Executors: Thomas Farrington and Elizabeth Healey, his children
Legatees: Interest on the sum of £520 to wife Elizabeth Farrington during her lifetime and after her decease to be paid to his children Thomas Farrington and Elizabeth Healy equally; household goods and effects to the value of £20 to his wife, £50 to son Thomas Farrington, residue of estate to be divided equally between son Thomas Farrington and daughter Elizabeth Healey

John Farrington of Betchton, Farmer - died on 24 Dec 1839
Probate: [Administration] Chester 4th June 1840
Estate and effects under the value of £200
Executors: Martha Farrington, widow, William Billington, draper and Richard Eachus, postmaster

Samuel Gillman of Horsley
Probate: Gloucester 22nd April 1696
Will, Inventory, etc

Nathaniel Gillman of Horsley
Probate: Gloucester 19th June 1729
Administration, Obligation and Inventory

Thomas Gillman of Horsley, Clothier
Probate: Gloucester 27th June 1805
Will dated 13th February 1803, witnessed by Hester Herbert X by Mark, Richard Gillman X by Mark, Benjamin Gillman
Executors: Son Thomas Gillman, with Benjamin Gillman, broadweaver, as joint trustee
Legatees: Life interest in house at White Way, Horsley to wife Ann Gillman, passing to grandson Mathew Gillman at her death. Freehold houses at White Way, Horsley to grandsons Charles and Thomas Gillman. Ten guineas to granddaughter Susannah Croome Gillman. Son Thomas Gillman to act as trustee until his grandsons reach twenty one years. Annuity of twenty pounds and household goods and furniture to wife Ann Gillman whilst she remains a widow.

Thomas Gillman of Rodborough, Slaymaker
Probate: Gloucester 26th October 1822
Will dated 13th February 1822 and witnessed by Daniel Morton, William Laurence and Thomas Bassett
Executors: Wife Mary Gillman and friends Francis Holmes, clothier, and George Apperley, clothworker
Legatees: To son Alfred Gillman Freehold Messuage at the White Way in the parish of Horsley near to a Piece of Common called Drawley Hill and half of a garden formerly called the Lower Garden. To son William Hobbs Gillman the other Freehold Messuage adjoining the above and other half of the Lower Garden. To son Thomas Gillman newly erected Freehold Messuage at the White Way in the Parish of Horsley and the reversion in fee to the other Freehold Messuage adjoining the above described together with the workshop adjoining and half of the Lower Garden devised to him by the last Will and Testament of his grandfather Thomas Gillman. To son Matthew Gillman the sum of Eight Pounds to buy a suit of mourning. To wife Mary Gillman the residue during the term of her natural life, after her decease the three Sons Alfred Gillman, William Hobbs Gillman and Thomas Gillman and daughter Ann Mary Gillman to receive the residue in equal shares, except that each of the three sons will pay Ann Mary Gillman £7 in addition to her share.

John Gillman of Horsley, Shoemaker
Probate: Gloucester 8th June 1843
Will dated 17th August 1842, witnessed by the mark of William Heaven, Alexander Bowen
Executors: Wife Esther Gillman and John Clibbon Tabram
Legatees: To wife Esther Gillman cottages, houses and land, household goods and furniture for life. After her death to go to son John Gillman. £50 to son John Gillman. To son Edwin Gillman four cottages at White Way, Horsley and £40. To son Charles Gillman dwelling house, workshop and two cottages adjoining and £30. To daughter Mary Hillier two cottages and half land adjoining at Wallow Green and £25. To daughter Elizabeth Harris two cottages and half land adjoining at Wallow Green and £25. To daughter Ann Davis principal and interest on mortgage of £70 on house at Hartley Bridge in Horsley. To daughter Esther Reynolds £50. To daughter Jane Davis £30. Land called Folks Ground at Horsley to be sold at auction, the proceeds to be shared between children John Gillman, Edwin Gillman, Charles Gillman, Esther Reynolds, Mary Hillier, Jane Davis and Elizabeth Harris.

Mary Gillman of Horsley, Widow
Probate: Unknown
Will dated 16th January 1850, witnessed by Cornelius Brown and William Clayfield
Executors: Brother George Clark
Legatees: To sister in law Mary the wife of my brother George Clark half a dozen silver tea spoons; to sister Susannah Neal and her daughter Esther Neal weaving apparel; to Esther Neal two gold finger rings; to George Clark residue of estate.

William Hobbs Gillman, Brewer's clerk - died on 05 Jun 1864
Probate: Gloucester 5th July 1864
Will dated 3rd March 1863, witnessed by John Norris, draper, & Thomas J. Gillman, Clerk. Effects less than £200.
Executors: Wife Eliza Gillman.
Legatees: Entire estate to wife Eliza Gillman.

Thomas Gillman of North Nibley, Miller - died on 25 Mar 1864
Probate: Gloucester 27th October 1864
Will dated 18th March 1859, witnessed by James Perrin and Thomas Worlock. Effects less than £600.
Executors: William Gillman, son, miller, & Robert Worlock, son-in-law, farmer.
Legatees: Son Thomas Gillman property in Wotton under Edge; residue in trust to be shared between eight children Thomas Gillman, Elizabeth the wife of Robert Worlock, William Gillman, Mary the wife of Thomas Clarke, John Gillman, Eli Gillman, Ann the wife of Edward Excell and Emma the wife of Robert Lloyd.

Sarah Gillman of Cheltenham, Widow - died on 22 May 1864
Probate: Gloucester 1st June 1864
Will dated 5th September 1853, witnessed by James Watts and Mary Ann Roberts. Effects less than £300.
Executors: John Goding, Crown tax collector.
Legatees: Niece Mrs Born of London; nephew William Marston; niece Eliza Aston; granddaughter Sarah Twigg; son Edward Twigg £50.

Thomas Gillman of Wotton-under-Edge, Yeoman - died on 14 Nov 1870
Probate: Gloucester 6th December 1870
Will dated 5th January 1869, witnessed by Wm. Guise Foewell, accountant, and Chas. Mayne, bookseller, both of Wotton-under-Edge. Effects under £200, no leaseholds
Executors: John Rawlings White, of Wotton-under-Edge, Dyer, and George Thomas, of Wotton-under-Edge, carpenter
Legatees: Household goods, plate, linen, china and other household effects to his wife [unnamed]; the residue in trust for the benefit of his wife during her life or widowhood, then four fifths to his four children Elizabeth, Sarah, Louisa and Thomas in equal shares as tenants in common, the remaining fifth to his daughter Emma, wife of William Parsons, for her maintenance or that of her child or children, reverting in equal shares to Elizabeth, Sarah, Louisa and Thomas if Emma dies childless.

Thomas Grange of Aston by Great Budworth, Farmer - died on 15 Apr 1833
Probate: Chester: 4th October 1833
Will dated 7th April 1833, witnessed by James Grange, Edward Grange and James Grange. Codicil dated 7th April, witnessed by James Grange, Thomas Grange, Edward Grange and James Grange father? Estate valued under £450
Executors: Wife Mary Grange, son Joseph Grange and nephew John Taylor
Legatees: Wife Mary to continue to occupy the farm under R.J.E. Warburton and to be invested with the whole of my property as long as she remains a widdow [sic]. After her death the property to be sold and divided equally between children [unnamed] then living and the legitimate issue of any such children being dead. If wife remarries the property to be sold, the widow to receive £100 and the residue to be divided between the children [or their issue] share and share alike when they attain the age of twenty one years. Affidavit sworn at Witton by Joseph Grange on 20th March 1850 to the effect that he will make a true inventory and account of the administration of the estate [this presumably made on the death of Mary Grange, widow of the deceased]

James Grange of Great Budworth, Yeoman - died on 27 Jul 1837
Probate: Chester 5th February 1838
Will dated 18th December 1833, witnessed by W Beaumont, John Churton and H Harrison
Executors: John Taylor, yeoman, Edward Bloor Grange and William Grange, sons
Legatees: Sons Edward Bloor Grange, John Grange, William Grange and James Grange and daughter Jane Grange

William Gurner of Bisley, Broad-weaver - died on 10 Oct 1735
Probate: Gloucester 20th December 1735
Will dated 25th May 1735, witnessed by The mark [W] of John Glover, John Gurner, Jn. Panting
Executors: William Gurner
Legatees: To son William Gurner house with garden, courtyard, etc., after his decease to go to grandson William Gurner. To daughter Sarah wife of Richard Smart a loom, bed, bedstead and bedding, two brass kettles and one pewter, tankard and two little dishes of pewter and half a dozen round trenchers. Residue to son William Gurner.

William Gurner, senior of Bisley, Broad-weaver - died on 26 Nov 1755
Probate: Gloucester 10th December 1755
Will dated the 3rd September 1755, witnessed by Edmund Clutterbuck, Edward Castelman, Abraham Clappen
Executors: Martha Gurner, widow
Legatees: The entire estate to his wife Martha Gurner.

Martha Gurner of Oakridge Lynch, Bisley, Widow
Probate: Gloucester 3rd March 1763
Will dated 24th September 1762, witnessed by Abraham King, the mark X of William Gardner, Abraham Walbans. Inventory dated 7th January 1973, to the value of £28 - 13s - 4d
Executors: William Gurner, son, and Ann Hunt, daughter
Legatees: House at Oakridge, Bisley to son John Gurner, £20 to widowed daughter Ann Hunt, yearly annuity of 20s to daughter Mary Hawkins, the wife of William Hawkins, two house to son William Gurner, house at Oakridge Lynch to son Samuel Gurner, sundry items (bed, bedstead, looms, furniture) to her children, wearing apparel to daughter Mary Hawkins.

William Gurner of Stroud, Book-Keeper - died on 03 Sep 1837
Probate: Gloucester 22nd August 1838
Will dated 13th September 1836, witnessed by Henry Newman (Attorney), Thomas Hill, and Sarah Packer. Codicil dated 27 Apr 1837, witnessed by Henry Newman (Attorney), William Gillman (Book-keeper) and Robert Gould
Executors: William Hobson, friend, and Joseph Fisher, son in law
Legatees: To beloved wife Hester all household goods and furniture, Implements, plate, linen, china and wearing apparel. To son- in-law Joseph Fisher of Stroud, tailor, bequeath and forgive £350 now due and owing from him. To granddaughter Elizabeth Gurner the principal of £250. To daughter Rebecca, the wife of James Hooper, cottage with the garden, etc. at Rodborough. To son William Segrave Cottage at Pittville. Dwelling Houses and gardens numbered 1 & 2 at Kite's Bridge near Cheltenham to wife during her natural life and after her decease to go to daughter Ann Gurner. Dwelling Houses and gardens numbered 3 at Kite's Bridge near Cheltenham to wife for her own use and benefit during her natural life and after her decease to granddaughter Eliza Gurner. In Codicil: daughter Hester, the wife of Joseph Fisher, part of a garden.

Thomas Hall of Wirksworth, Husbandman
Probate: PCC PROB 11/250 Q419 F370

William Hall of Arlingham, Yeoman
Probate: Gloucester 30th May 1778
Will dated 29th April 1778, witnessed by Thomas Hodges and Jasper Selwyn
Executors: William Hall, son, and Susannah Hall, daughter
Legatees: The estate to be shared equally between wife Betty Hall, daughters Susannah Hall, Anne Hall, and Sarah Hall, and sons William Hall, Samuel Hall, and Francis Hall.

John Hall of Green Oak House, Totley, Silversmith - died on 11 Dec 1868
Probate: Derby 27th August 1869
Sureties were Ebenezer Hall and Benjamin Hall of Sheffield silversmiths.
Executors: Administration granted to Mary Hall of Alderson Road, Highfield, Sheffield, widow.

Gilbert Hall of Middleton, Farmer - died on 23 May 1870
Probate: Admon Derby 10th February 1871
Died intestate. No leaseholds, effects under £1500 granted to Job Hall South Street, Sheffield, sureties Ebenezer Hall of Shrewsbury Works, Sheffield and Joseph Hall of Talbot Street, Sheffield.

John Hall of Sheffield - died on 07 Apr 1880
Probate: Wakefield 20th May 1880
Will dated 30th June 1879, witnessed by Thomas Hobson and John Barnes Estate valued at under £800.
Executors: John Barnes, Palm Street, Walkley.
Legatees: Stock in trade to two sons; daughter Elizabeth various effects ; granddaughters Pollie and Annie Mosley £5 each; residue equally divided between sons and daughters.

Ebenezer Hall of Abbeydale Park, Gentleman - died on 28 Jun 1911
Probate: Derby 10th August 1911
Will dated 14th September 1905, witnessed by W Tottle and W.J. Sheperdson. Gross about £196,000.
Executors: Samuel Clark Shaw Hall, Alfred Ernest Maxfield, Arnold Thomas Watson.
Legatees: His brothers and others too many to list. Also churches at Middleton by Wirksworth, Dore, and various charities.

Ebenezer Hall of Millhouses, Gentleman - died on 19 Jun 1934
Probate: Wakefield 29th August 1934
Will dated 18th February 1932, witnessed by Willaim B. Esam and G.H. Wright.
Executors: Daughter Dorothy Osborn and nephew Arthur Hall.
Legatees: Daughter Dorothy Osborn furniture and personal effects plus £100 and residue of estate; John Philip Osborn £100; brother Joseph Hall £500; plus other small bequests.

Joseph Hall of Tom Lane, Sheffield, Cutlery Manager - died on 16 Sep 1937
Probate: 3rd November 1937
Will dated 1st March 1927, witnessed by G.W. Highfield and E. Cook. Effects £7132 4s 6d.
Executors: Mary Hall, wife, Arthur Hall, son, and George Edward Smith, solicitor.
Legatees: Wife Mary Hall furniture and personal effects, £200 and estate for life, after her death estate to be divided equally between children Cicely Margaret, Arthur and Joyce.

Gilbert Hall of Sheffield, Manufacturing Silversmith - died on 07 Jun 1946
Will dated 28th October 1943, witnessed by Alfed B Richardson and A.A. Church. Effects £46,777-7s 11d.
Executors: John Edgar Skinner, Stock and Share Broker, and William Norman Cowley, Solicitors Managing Clerk.
Legatees: Job Frank Hall £600; Joshua John Hall £600; Mrs Charles Oxley widow of cousin Charles Oxley £1500; George Hall Housley £500; Thomas & Gladys Hall Wheatcroft £200 each; also bequests to Jessie Bernard Davison, Pheobe Davison and Ernest Davison. Residue equally between cousins Samuel C.S. Hall, Sarah Handley, Mrs Joseph Hall widow of deceased cousin Joseph Hall, cousin Dorothy Osborne and the children of late cousin Lydia Wharam.

Samuel Clark Shaw Hall of Lexham Gardens, London, W8, Gentleman - died on 04 Jun 1952
Probate: Lewes
Will dated 9th March 1948, witnessed by J.M. Piggot and E.A. Lamb, codicil dated 17 Dec 1949, witnessed by clerks. Died at 7 Knaresborough Place, SW5. Effects £17,862 1s 5d.
Executors: Albert Leonard Kurtz, retired banker.
Legatees: Wife Harriett Hall £400, personal effects and life interest in estate; daughter Winifred Mary Hunter Wilton £200; granddaughter Joyce Wilton £200, estate to go to daughter and granddaughter on wife's death.

Mary Hall of Tom Lane, Sheffield, - - died on 04 Oct 1954
Will dated 1st March 1927, witnessed by G. Highfield and E. Cook.
Executors: Arthur Hall, Company Director, and Benjamin Holmes Bailey, Relieving Officer, and George Edward Smith, Solicitor.
Legatees: Husband Joseph Hall during his life, after his death on fifth to step-daughter Cicely Margaret Hall, two fifths each to children Arthur and Joyce Hall.

William Hattin of Newent, Yeoman
Probate: Gloucester 13th May 1732
Will dated 4th August 1731, witnessed by George Carles, the mark [X] of Barbarah Lovett, ? Jones
Executors: John Hattin, son
Legatees: To wife Elinor maintenance and clothing whilst she lives with her son John Hattin, plus £100 and bedstead, bolster and furniture, to daughter Elizabeth Hattin £100 when she becomes 21 or marries, to son William Hattin £10, residue of estate to son John Hattin

William Hatton of Newent, Yeoman
Probate: Gloucester 13th May 1786. Sworn to £300, less than £600
Will dated 1st November 1783, witnessed by R. Rogers, Robert Smith and W.C. Paull?
Executors: William Hatton and Francis Hatton, sons
Legatees: To son William Hatton house,etc. in Newent, to daughter Mary the wife of Joseph Cummins £50 to be divided amongst her children if she predecease her father, to daughter Sarah the wife of William Cother £30 to be divided amongst her children Lewis Pickering, Mary Pickering and William Cother if she predecease her father, to grandson Francis Boulter £120 and best bed, to son John Hatton's four children £5 each, to the poor of the parish of Newent £4, residue of estate to be divided equally between sons William and Francis Hatton.

Thomas Hornby of Weaverham, Yeoman - died on 30 Apr 1804
Probate: Chester 5th October 1804
Will dated 18th February 1803, witnessed by William Jackson, John Jameson and S. Manifold. N.B. date of death taken from MI as it is not noted in the probate.
Executors: Brother Samuel Hornby and William Davies, yeoman.
Legatees: Sarah Hornby, widow of late son Samuel Hornby, and their children Mary Hornby, Joseph Hornby, Thomas Hornby, Sarah Hornby and Margaret Hornby. Son James Hornby, daughter Ann Mounfield, daughter Martha Shallcross and daughter Sarah Pickstock.

Henry Jacob of Oldham Street, Manchester, Tailor - died on 02 Apr 1888
Probate: Manchester, 3rd August 1888
Will dated 1st August 1878, witnessed by Edward Kynder and F.W.R. Rycroft, clerks to John Leigh, solicitor of 30 Brown Street, Manchester, with a codicil dated 12th March 1888 witnessed by C. Preston, solicitor of Manchester, and B. Jacob of 21 Hounsditch,
Executors: Pauline Jacob, widow, Joseph Shoeps, jeweller, and Philip Hart, furniture dealer London [brother of the deceased]
Legatees: Bequests of gold watches and guards to sons Samuel Jacob and Michael Jacob, personal effects and a legacy of £100 to wife Pauline Jacob, sons to receive £500 at age 21, daughters to receive £500 on at age 21 or on marriage [these bequests being reduced by the amount of any advances made to his sons and daughters during his lifetime].,£50 to executors Joseph Shoeps and Philip Hart. Widow Pauline Jacob to be the sole guardian of their children during her widowhood, executors Joseph Shoeps and Philip Hart to become guardians of their children on their mother's death or remarriage. Codicil directs that Christopher Preston, solicitor of Manchester shall be employed in all business connected with the administration of the estate so long as he shall be willing to act.

Michael Levy of 2 Cannon Court, Cannon Place, Brighton - died on 25 Feb 1938
Probate: London 30th June 1938
Effects: £3606 12s 3d
Executors: Henry Levy, tailor, and Henry Isadore Jeffreys, garage proprietor

Robert Longney of Arlingham, Yeoman
Probate: Gloucester 1663
Will dated 8th March 1662, witnessed by Richard Bradstock, James Fryer, Walter Carle, accountants John Longney, son, and Giles Carter, son-in-law
Executors: Margery Longney, wife, John Longney, son, and Giles Carter, son-in-law
Legatees: To daughter Margery second best bed, two pewter dishes, to each of his grandchildren 20 shillings, to son Thomas Longney the third best bed and bedding, five shillings to each of children John Longney, Anne Carter the wife of Giles Carter, Mary Birk the wife of William Birk, the residue of the estate to wife Margery

Thomas Longney of Arlingham, Labourer [or yeoman]
Probate: Gloucester 21st July 1731
Will dated 22nd October 1728, witnessed by John Carter and James Watts. The Testator made his mark X. The inventory lists: Wearing apparel £1-10-0; a bed and one sheet £0-10-0; A house £8-0-0; Two dishes of pewter £0-2-0: Total £10-2-0
Executors: John Longney, brother
Legatees: To sister Sarah Craft One shilling, to sister Hester Veardy one shilling, to Jane Longney one shilling, to Mary Longney £3, the residue of the estate to brother John Longney.

Walter Longney of Arlingham - died on 27 May 1774
Probate: Gloucester 20th August 1774
Will dated 28th August 1773, witnessed by John Merrett, the mark X of William Hall, and Thomas Davis. The Testator made his mark X.
Executors: Elizabeth Longney, relict
Legatees: To daughter Mary Cottage, Orchard, and part of the Garden at Pridend in Arlingham now in the occupation of John Sims; to wife Elizabeth two Cottages at Pridend; to sons John and Samuel cottages at Pridend after the death of his mother; to son Thomas house and garden at Arlingham after the death of his mother; to son Walter house and garden at Overton in Arlingham; to wife Elizabeth all household goods, chattels and personal estate, this to be shared equally between their children after her death.

Thomas Longney of Arlingham, Yeoman
Probate: Gloucester 18th October 1824
Will dated 19th July 1821, witnessed by Thomas Jones, Samuel Goulding and Thomas Hodges [n.b. this could have been Thomas Longney aged 72 buried at Arlingham on 12 May 1824, or Thomas Longney aged 34 of Coaley buried at
Executors: Daniel Longney, son Arlingham on 13 Aug 1824]
Legatees: House, orchard and garden at Arlingham, inclosure of about one acre of land in a field called Nethorne and all goods, chattles and personal estate to his son Daniel Longney

Walter Longney of Frampton upon Severn - died on 30 Oct 1825
Probate: Gloucester 17th June 1826
Will dated 9th September 1825, witnessed by Robert Weight, John Evans and Charles Smith
Executors: William Longney, son
Legatees: To son William Longney large Clothes-Chest and Easy-Chair; to son Walter Longney piece of land called Colt Hill Paddock in Arlingham, also £60; to daughter Elizabeth Souls £60; to daughter Mary Sims £60; to daughter-in-law Elinor Longney £60; residue to be divided equally between sons William and Walter Longney, my daughters Elizabeth Souls and Mary Sims and daughter-in- law Elinor Longney.

John Morris of Alsager, Farmer - died on 15 Dec 1816
Probate: Chester 3rd May 1817
Will dated 15th May 1813, witnessed by John Richardson, John Corke and W M Barkerker
Executors: John Morris, son and Peter Moors, son-in-law
Legatees: Son John Morris; daughter Catherine Beech wife of William Beech of Betchton; son Thomas Morris; grandaughter Ann Morris natural daughter of daughter Hannah Moors, Fanny Morris natural daughter of Ann Morris; grandaughter Catherine Moors

John Mounfield of Onston - died on 11 Jun 1818
Probate: Chester 11th September 1818
Will dated 9th June 1812, witnessed by John Glover, Thomas Homersby and Sarah Coe.
Executors: Peter Coe, hat manufacturer, and Thomas Robinson, farmer.
Legatees: Son in law John Pickering, son John Mounfield, son in law Joseph Thomas, son Charles Mounfield (abroad), son Thomas Mounfield, son in law Hugh Briscow, son in law John Thomas, children of daughter Esther the wife of Hugh Briscow as well as her son known as Charles Mounfield, children of daughter Elizabeth wife of John Thomas, children of son Thomas Mounfield (except his son George to whom is bequeathed five shillings and no more), [Mary Pickering, Ann Thomas].

Edward Nevill of 4 Kate Street, Spital Fields, MDX
Will of Edward Nevill (2) Ordinary Seaman belonging to His Majesty's Ship Agincourt .. all my Wasges, Sum and Sums of Money, Lands, Tenements, Goods, Chattles and Estate whatsoever, as shall be any ways owing, or belonging unto me at the Time of my Decease,
Executors: Mary Nevill, mother I do give, devise and bequeath the same unto my dearly beloved Mother Mary Nevill living at No. 4 Kate Street, Spital Fields in the County of Middlesex. And I do hereby nominate and appoint the above named Mary Nevill my sole Executrix .. I Witness whereof, to this my Will, I have set my Hand and Seal, the Twenty Ninth Day of December in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred .. Edward Nevill [X] his mark. [ADM 48/68 Navy Board, Navy Pay Office, and Admiralty, Accountant General's Department: Seamen's Wills N]

Isaac Newell of Great Saughall, Yeoman
Probate: Chester 1st December 1772
Will dated 13th January 1772, witnessed by John Bushell, Samuel Dutton and Edward Hall.
Executors: Wife Sarah Newell and son-in-law John Woodfin
Legatees: Son-in-law John Woodfin; daughter Elizabeth Woodfin; son-in-law John Lee; wife Sarah Newell

Joseph Newall of Milton, Weaverham, Yeoman - died on 06 Mar 1816
Probate: Chester 17th August 1816
Will dated 4th October 1805, witnessed by Thomas Holland, Wm. Lith and E. Manifold.
Executors: George Newall, brother, and James Holland
Legatees: Wife Mary Newall; brother-in-law John Holland; brother George Newall; James Holland; eldest grandson John Newall; grandson Thomas Newall; grandson Samuel Newall; daughter-in-law Mary Newall mother of said grandsons.

George Newall of Acton, Yeoman - died on 15 Jun 1832
Probate: Chester 11th December 1832
Will dated 18th June 1831, witnessed by Geo, Eaton, Joseph Morrey and Peter Eaton; codicil dated 31 May 1832, witnessed by Geo. Eaton and Peter Eaton.
Executors: John Newall of Warmingham, farmer and William Newall of Acton, farmer.
Legatees: Son Joseph Newall; grandchildren namely the children of sons John and William and daughter Ann, children of deceased daughters Catherine Sarah and Mary.

Peter Newall of Latchford, Cordwainer - died on 09 Mar 1836
Probate: Chester 28th June 1836
Will dated 21st March 1835, witnessed by John Booth and Luke Cross.
Executors: Wife Ann Newall and brother George Newall, blacksmith of Appleton.
Legatees: Life interest to wife Ann Newall, to pass to children after her death. Share of pew in Grappenhall church to Ann Newall unless she remarries in which case it goes to son Joseph Newall, or the next male child if he dies.

John Newall of Warmingham, Farmer - died on 30 Jun 1837
Probate: Chester 1st January 1838
Will dated 6th June 1837 and witnessed by Geo. Johnson and Jas. Cookson.
Executors: Wife Charlotte Newall, sole executrix.
Legatees: Charlotte Newall (wife) for life or until remarriage, estate then divided between children (unnamed).

Ralph Newall of Little Leigh, Smith - died on 03 Feb 1842
Probate: Chester 1st September 1842
Will dated 26th January 1842, witnessed by Hephzibah Bradford and William Shallcross.
Executors: Thos. Fryer and John Massey, of Little Leigh, farmers.
Legatees: Son James Newall, daughter Jane Newall, Mary Ann Newall.

William Newall of Leftwich, Yeoman - died on 19 Aug 1853
Probate: Chester admon 1st September 1853
Executors: Administration granted to Sarah Newall widow of the deceased

Samuel Newall of Norley, Farmer - died on 05 Sep 1874
Probate: Chester 9th March 1874
Will dated 25th March 1870, witnessed by W.S. Bradburne and Henry Alcock, effects under £600.
Executors: Son in law Joseph Challoner, and sons John Newall and Thomas Newall, farmers.
Legatees: Wife Catherine Newall (or Capper) to have a life interest in the farm, their children Mary wife of Joseph Challoner, John Newall, Thomas Newall, Ann Newall and Joseph Newall to inherit after her death.

John Newall of Cranage, Farmer - died on 09 Mar 1874
Probate: Chester 14th April 1874
Will dated 4th March 1872, witnessed by Alfred E Cutler and Joseph Toft, effects under £1,500.
Executors: Thomas Newall, draper, and Joseph Newall, farmer - sons.
Legatees: Sons Thomas Newall and Joseph Newall upon trust. Wife Elizabeth Newall to have a life interest in the farm. Children Samuel Newall, Joseph Newall, Mary the wife of Peter Littler and Elizabeth the wife of James Roylance to benefit after his wife's death.

Thomas Newall of Gorstage, Farmer - died on 11 Oct 1875
Probate: Chester 7th February 1876
Will dated 6th September 1875 witnessed by Joseph William Smith and Arthur Arrowsmith. Estate under £200 - no leaseholds.
Executors: Joseph William Smith of Weaverham and wife Caroline Newall.
Legatees: Entire estate left to wife Caroline to be divided between their children after her death.

John Newall of Weaverham, later of Little Saughall, Gentleman - died on 17 Jan 1878
Probate: Chester
Will dated 3rd April 1868, witnessed by George Griffies and Henry Bebbington. Personal estate of under £1,000.
Executors: Son William Newall, farmer of Little Saughall and William Hughes, farmer.
Legatees: Cottages to daughter Maria Okell wife of Peter Okell; land at Dunham on the Hill to son William Newall; £600 to granddaughter Elizabeth Moreton daughter of late daughter Mary Moreton.

John Willett Newall of Witton, Northwich, Widower - died on 05 Dec 1887
Probate: Chester
Will dated 15th October 1887, witnessed by Clara Tibbis and W Littler. Testator late of the County Lunatic Asylum near Chester. Person estate of £109 18s.
Executors: Brother William Newall, grocer.
Legatees: William Newall to inherit his entire estate.

Thomas Newall of Weaverham, Farmer - died on 01 Jan 1888
Probate: Chester 1st December 1888
Will dated 3rd December 1887, witnessed by James Pimlott and Charles E. Bebbington. Personal estate of £652 16s 1.5d.
Executors: Samuel Hoole, saddler and William Newall of Little Saughall, farmer.
Legatees: Estate divided into six shares, one each to his four children George Newall, Charles Newall, Charlotte Waddell and Ann Johnson. one to daughter in law Caroline Newall and the last to the maintenance of grandchild Fanny Charlotte Bowden.

John William Newall of Little Saughall, Farmer - died on 13 Jan 1895
Probate: Chester 15th February 1895
Will dated 8th January 1895, witnessed by N A Ernest Way and Ann Sadler. Effects of £690 13s 9d.
Executors: Martha Ellen Newall, wife.
Legatees: Martha Ellen Newall, widow, was sole legatee.

William Newall of Great Saughall, Gentleman - died on 19 May 1898
Probate: Chester 20th June 1898
Will dated 11th April 1898, witnessed by William Lees and Ann Sadler. Effects of £5,106 12s 3d.
Executors: Richard Wright, farmer and N.A.E. Way, solicitor.
Legatees: £50 to Hugh Wright son of Richard Wright; £50 annuity to Martha Ellen Newall widow of late son John William Newall; residue in trust for grandson William Newall if he attain the age of 21 or else to be divided between the seven nephews and nieces children of late sister Mary Moreton and the remaining six children of sister Maria Okell.

Robert Olby of Lisson Grove - died on 27 Aug 1851
Probate: PCC 22nd October 1851 [PROB 11/2141 Q808 F63]
'I will and bequeath to my dear wife Elizabeth Olby all my goods and chattels.' Witnessed by Henry Pearson and Joseph Lees.
Legatees: Wife Elizabeth Olby

Lucy Olby - died on 10 Feb 1906
Probate: Administration granted to Alfred Olby 25th May 1906 at Canterbury
Gross estate £97 0s 0d.

Robert Olby of Bournemouth, Gentleman - died on 11 Apr 1915
Probate: London 30th April 1915
Will dated 16th June 1904, witnessed by W.F. & R.A. Hathaway. Lived at 20 Sedgeley Road, Winton, Bournemouth. Effects £585 15s.
Executors: Jane Dowker Olby, widow.
Legatees: £50 to sister Rosa Talbot Porter of 41 Beauchamp Road, Forest Gate; residue to dear wife Jane Dowker Olby.

Frances Alexandrina Olby of St Leonards, Wife of Alfred Olby - died on 26 Dec 1936
Probate: London 28th January 1937
Will dated 12th January 1934, witnessed by Katherine Elliot & Winnie Crane. Lived at 30 Charles Road, St Leonards on Sea. Effects £3176 12s 11d.
Executors: Jeffrey Charles St Quinin solicitor and Frederick Avening Ginever no occupation.
Legatees: Jewellery to niece Irene Taub; inherited monies to sisters Violet Blanche and Emily; residue of estate to niece Irene Taub and brother Alfred Lowther Forrest.

Alfred Olby - died on 23 Apr 1939
Probate: London, 10th August 1939
Will dated 3rd May 1937, witnessed by solicitors. Effects £2483 3s 7d.
Executors: John Olby, builders merchant and Edward Thomas Wood, chartered accountant.
Legatees: Books and £100 to son Bernard George Olby; £100 to half-sister Rosa Chamberlain (formerly Porter); residue to be divided equally between five children: Lucy Mary Olby, Rosa Eliza Hacker, Grace Elizabeth Dowding, John Olby and Bernard George Olby.

Augustus Robert Peter Olby of Beckenham - died on 31 Dec 1940
Probate: Llandudno 16th June 1941
Will dated 9th August 1939 witnessed by J Austin Dowding and Marie Wright Fraser. Lived at 26 Manor Way, Beckenham, Kent. Effects £17,497 10s 6d. Died at 36 Silverston Avenue, Bognor Regis, Sussex. Probate extracted by Arthur C Dowding, 135 High Street,
Executors: Cecil Augustus Olby, Douglas Eric Olby and Leslie Morton Olby, builders merchants, grandsons Orpington, Kent
Legatees: Wife Hannah Olby £500, an annuity of £624 and personal chattels; housekeeper Sarah Williams an annuity of £52; son Augustus Olby all monies in bank; granddaughter Gladys Pocock £1000; Margaret Loader and her husband Ernest George Loader life interest in property at Sanderstead reverting to his great grandchildren Christopher and Janet Pocock; grandsons Cecil Augustus Olby 167 High Street, Penge; Douglas Eric Olby 169 High Street, Penge; Leslie Morton Olby 171 High Street, Penge; Graham Ronald Olby warehouse in Penge plus residue of estate to be shared between them.

Lucy Mary Olby of Ramsgate, Spinster - died on 13 May 1953
Probate: London 19th September 1953 (Admon with will)
Will dated 2nd February 1916, witnessed by Henry Dowding of Knavingcots and Robert D Gillman of the Old Court House, Newnham. Lived at Penshurst Road, Ramsgate, Kent. Died Stonehouse Hospital, Dartford, Kent. Effects £5667 12s 3d.
Executors: Administration granted to Rosa Eliza Hacker (wife of Vernon Wallace Hacker) & Grace Elizabeth Dowding, widow.
Legatees: In thirds to Rosa Eliza Hacker (sister), Grace Elizabeth Dowding (sister) and Bernard George Olby (brother) or their surviving children. Executor Robert Norris Dowding farmer of Cowles Farm Elton near Newnham to receive £5 (he predeceased her).

John Roberts of Abbeydale Park, Gentleman - died on 11 Apr 1888
Probate: Derby 10th July 1888
Will dated 22nd February 1881, witnessed by Benj. Burdekin and Chas. B. Hobbis, solicitors. Personal effects £19,877 10s 5d, resworn in Aug 1889 as £19,479 3s 11d.
Executors: Ebenezer Hall the younger, Manager at Martin, Hall & Co. Ltd., Peter Wragg, Secretary of Martin, Hall & Co. Ltd
Legatees: Various including brother Henry Roberts, half sister Julia Hendy, widow of half brother Edwin Roberts, several nephews and nieces, Annie Hall daughter of Joseph Hall of Abbeydale, one third of residuary estate to nephews and nieces the children of the late George Wilkinson of Tavistock Place, London and of the late Henry Dawson Wilkinson.

Joseph Sims of Longney, Yeoman - died on 15 Apr 1800
Probate: Gloucester 4th October 1800
Will dated 15th October 1799, witnessed by John Phillinott junior, Attorney, of Gloucester, John Jones of Coopers Hill, Daniel Fryer of Longney
Executors: John Daniels of Stonehouse, Yeoman, Thomas Chandler of Haresfield, Butcher
Legatees: Copyhold Estate called 'Downes' (granted unto my mother Sarah Sims now deceased) to son Joseph Sims [after the death of wife Hester Sims, who has a life interest]; lands in Longney (?) to son William Sims; residue to wife Hester Sims for her lifetime, passing to his daughter Mary wife of John Hawkes of Longney after her death.

Henry Spencer the elder of Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Miner
Probate: Lichfield 11th October 1832
Will dated 10th June 1832, . Estate sworn to be under the value of £20
Executors: Sons John Spencer and Henry Spencer
Legatees: Grandson David Spencer one shilling. Son John Spencer freehold house purchased of Benjamin Staley now in possession of John Slack and half of cottage garden. Son Henry Spencer personal estate and half of cottage garden.

John Spencer of Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Miner
Probate: Lichfield 14th April 1842
Will dated 15th April 1834 with a codicil dated 19th March 1842. Estate sworn to be under the value of £20
Executors: Sons Robert Spencer and John Spencer
Legatees: Use of all real and personal estate and effects to wife Martha for life. Nine named parcels of land to son John and daughter Hannah the wife of Charles Kniveton in equal shares. The residue of the real estate to descend to eldest son Robert Spencer as his heir at law.

Frank Unwin of Sunnyside, Baslow, Bakewell - died on 21 Jul 1949
Probate: London 21st December 1949
Will dated 22nd February 1939, witnessed by solicitors. Effects: £15,697 1s 4d. Died at 7a Broomgrove Road, Sheffield
Executors: National Provincial Bank Limited
Legatees: National Provincial Bank appointed as trustee, £100 to trustee to maintain grave in good order and repair. Personal chattels to sister Hilda Unwin. Diamond ring, pearl pin and £500 to Edith Esther Baggs of Barn House, Baslow. £100 to each of the following: sister Mary Hall, sister Lucy Unwin, sister Hilda Unwin, nephew Arthur Hall, great-nephew Michael Hall. Residue to The National Institue for the Blind, 224 Great Portland Street, London for the benefit of the civilian blind only.

Mark Watkins of Longhope, Yeoman
Probate: Gloucester 26th January 1771
Will dated 10th April 1766, witnessed by [illegible] and Thomas Jones
Executors: Mary Watkins, wife
Legatees: Entire estate left to wife Mary Watkins

James Watkins of Westbury [on Severn], Yeoman
Probate: Gloucester 5th December 1772
Will dated 11th August 1770, witnessed by Selwyn James and John Matthews
Executors: James Watkins, son
Legatees: To daughter Anna the wife of Joseph Arton £20, to daughter Anne Watkins £20, to daughter Abigail Watkins £40, to son John £40, to children James Watkins the younger, Anne, Abigail, John, and William a bedstead with the furniture thereto belonging, a bed bolster a pair of sheets a pair of blankets and a quilt or coverlet, to grandson James the son of James Watkins the younger two pewter dishes, to Anne, Abigail, and William pewter plates, to children Anne, John, Abigail, and William iron, brass and copper household goods and utensils, to children Anne, John, Abigail and William two hogsheads and two barrells, to son William Watkins £20 to be paid at the age of 21 years, residue of goods, chattels, ready money, securities for money and personal estate to son James Watkins the younger.

John Watkins of Longhope, Farmer
Probate: Gloucester 20th February 1819
Will dated 29th September 1818, witnessed by Benjamin Constance, James Constance, Mary Holden
Executors: John Watkins, son
Legatees: A complex will, with specific bequests to his children Ann Watkins, Sarah the wife of Thomas Dowding and Samuel Watkins. Land to friends John Coleman and Samuel Parry to sell, the proceeds to Ann Watkins, Sarah Dowding and Samuel Watkins. Son John to act as guardian for daughter Ann 'during her illness'. The residue to son John Watkins.

James Woodward of Westbromwich, Builder - died on 22 Feb 1858
Probate: Lichfield 1st April 1858
Will dated 7th December 1857, witnessed by Henry Plunkett, solicitor, and William Shakespeare, his clerk. The Probate Calendar entry reads: 'Will of James Woodward late of Westbromwich in the County of Stafford Builder deceased who died 22 February 1858 at
Executors: Edgar Finley, of Edgbaston, Artist, and Hugh McCrea of Bilton, Superintendent of Police, brothers-in-law. Westbromwich aforesaid was proved at Lichfield by the oath of Edgar Finley of Edgbaston near Birmingham Artist and Hugh McCrea of Bilston in the County aforesaid Superintendent of Police, the Executors. Effects under £600'.
Legatees: Entire estate left in trust to executors towards the maintenance of sons under the age of 21 and daughters under the age of 21 or unmarried. £40 to each son upon setting up a business. After 21 years the estate to be divided amongst the children and grandchildren or more remote issue. [A highly legalistic will containing no names except of those of the executors]

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