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The Family Grave of James Westbrook

One of my cousins was having a clear out and sent me the 'mystery' postcard, below. The inscription reads:

SARAH beloved wife of the above who died August 26th 1897, aged 62 years
"Father in thy gracious keeping"
Leave me now thy servant sleeping"
also of ANNIE SARAH who died August 8th 1864, aged 5 months
and of GEORGE MARTIN who died April 15th 1870, aged 1 year 7 months
Children of the above James and Sarah Westbrook buried near this spot
"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"
and of ALICE SUSAN WESTBROOK daughter of the above
who died August 28th 1910, aged 45 years.
"Beloved in life, mourned in death"

We didn't know anything about this family and have no idea how the photograph came to be in her collection.
A few minutes research in FreeBMD revealed the following:

Births Jun 1864 Westbrook Annie Sarah Marylebone 1a 459
Deaths Sep 1864 Westbrook Anne Sarah Marylebone 1a 371
Births Sep 1865 Westbrook Alice Susan Kensington 1a 28
Deaths Jun 1870 Westbrook George Martin 1 Marylebone 1a 416
Deaths Sep 1897 Westbrook Sarah 62 Marylebone 1a 414

The 1881 census shows the family living at 19 Sherborne Street, Marylebone, London [RG11 Piece 155 Folio 9 Page 12]

James Westbrook , Head, Marr, 43, Commercial Clerk (Stationers), born in Beckenham, Kent
William J. Westbrook , Son, 18, Surveyors Pupil, born in Chelsfield, Kent
Alice S. Westbrook , Dau, 15, Pupil Teacher, born in Paddington, Middlesex
Sarah Westbrook , Wife, Marr, 46, born in Albury, Hertford
Mary Seymour, Lodger, Widow, 71, born in London
William Hewitt, Lodger, Widower, 69, born in Hardingstone, Northampton

Given the dates on the stone the grave is probably located in one of the City of Westminster Cemeteries, possibly at Hanwell.

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