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The Catley Database

This database relies on contributed submissions. If you have or find any information which is not already in the database in parish registers, poor law records, trade directories, memorial inscriptions, wills, immigration and shipping records, etc., please submit it. These will enable the database to become a major resource for everyone interested in researching their Cat[t]ley roots.

Please note that the database contents represent the efforts of a large number of collaborators and that requests for further information about a particular items should be addressed to the submitters of those items and not to the database administrator.

The data is displayed in date order with the Forename highlighted and the Surname spelling recorded as it appears in the source document. Standard Chapman codes have been used for County or Country abbreviations.

The Database [ last update : 25th October 2011 : 3459 Events and 80 Census Households ]
Events -1799 1800-1824 1825-1849 1850-1874 1875-1899 1900- New Events
Census -1871 1881- Note that the Census tables are no longer updated

The 1841-1911 English and Welsh censuses are now accessible on-line and no further census records will be added to the database.
The New Events page is a listing in date order of new event records added during the most recent database update [existing records which have been modified are not included on this page].

CATLEY entries from GRO English and Welsh BMD Indexes transcribed by Liz Cordingley [Deaths include some CATTLEY, CATELEY, etc. entries]
Births 1837-1900 1266 records 1837-1900 complete
Marriages 1837-1950 1408 records 1837-1950 complete
Deaths 1837-1950 1488 records 1837-1950 complete
[ last update : 30th January 2004 ]
CATTLEY entries from GRO English and Welsh BMD Indexes supplied by Tim Cattley
Births 1837-1910 376 records 1837-1910 complete
Marriages 1837-1955 374 records 1837-1955 complete
Deaths 1837-1980 470 records 1837-1980 complete
[ last update : 13th November 2008 ]
[N.B. references should be checked against the original GRO indexes before ordering copies of any certificates]

CATTLEY English Probate Calendar records supplied by Tim Cattley

Stop Press : [last three updates]
29th Dec 2010 A New Events page has been added to the Database. This lists new records added during the most recent update.
18th Jan 2011 The New Events now lists both new records and records which have been been amended during the most recent update.
25th Oct 2011 About 20 duplicated records removed or consolidated. 131 new events added to the main database and listed on the New Events page. Please note that the dates recorded where Source = PRESS are usually newspaper publication dates and not the dates when the events took place; the latter can often be determined from the context.

  The most common Events include :
ARR = Ship's arrival [from Shippng List], B = Burial, BANN = Marriage Banns, BIR = Birth, C = Christening/Baptism, CEN = Census Record, Cert = BMD certificate, D or DEA = Death, DEP = Ship's departure [from Shipping List], M or MAR = Marriage, MIG = Migration record, MIL = Military record, NEWS = Newspaper report, SHIP = Shipping record, W&A = Will/Admon
  The most common Sources include :
BMI = Boyd's Marriage Index, BT = Bishop's Transcript, BVRI = British Vital Records Index, CEN = Census record, CERT = Civil Registration Certificate, CRIM = Criminal trial [e.g. Old Bailey record], CWG = Commonwealth War Graves Commission, DIR = Trade/Professional Directory, GRO = General Register Office Indexes, IGI = International Genealogical Index, LAND = Land Record, MI = Monumental Inscription, MIG = Migration Record, MIL = Military List, MISC = Miscellaneous/unclassified record, MR = Muster Roll/Militia List, PR = Parish Register, PRESS = Newspaper, PROB = Probate Record, SHL = Shipping List, TPR = Transcript of Parish Register, TX = Landowners or similar Tax Roll, W&A = Will/Admon, WWW = World Wide Web

N.B. The date shown for records where the Source = PRESS is usually the publication date of the newspaper or journal, not the date of the event; the latter can frequently be determined from the context.

The contacts page contains names, Email addresses and brief summaries of the research interests of the contributors encoded in the Submitter column.
Current Cat*ley research
Tim Cattley is co-ordinating information on Cat*ley descendant trees which are being actively researched. A list of the 'earliest ancestors' and names of the researchers concerned is now on-line.
Miscellaneous Entries
The miscellaneous records page displays information not currently suitable for inclusion in the main Catley Database.
Submitting New Data
New data must be submitted via EMail in a message titled Catley Database Submission; this link may be used to create the envelope for an appropriate submission message.
Please read the new Submission Guidelines before submitting any new data.
Please report any errors in the data on this site.

Catley Research Meeting - Oxford 17th May 2008

Pictures of the research group at the Trout Inn, Lower Wolvercote in glorious colour!

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Compiled by Chris Newall from data submitted by collaborating researchers
Last updated on 23rd April 2020