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Annual Birth, Marriage and Death registrations in England and Wales from 1838 to 1999

A vast amount of information covering all aspects of life in the United Kingdom is freely available from the Office of National Statistics on-line statbase. Although most of the database is concerned with recent statistics some historical information is available; this includes the annual number of birth, marriage and death registrations from 1838 until 1999, collated in the graph below. I have also added an estimate of annual population growth, calculated from the excess of birth registrations over death registrations.

  • Marriage data from 1840 to 1929 is based on five year averages.
  • War deaths not registered in England and Wales are not included.
  • Annual growth is based on the excess of deaths over births and excludes immigration and emigration.
  • The population of England and Wales [estimated from census returns] was as follows:

Year 1801 1851 1901 1951 1991
Population 8,892,000 17,927,000 32,528,000 43,758,000 51,099,000
Estimate from 'annual growth' from 1851   Base Year 33,687,000 46,136,000 52,223,000

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